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About us

Our company is trying to remain always to the first place amoug the manufacturers of Ecclesiastical products with our main purpose is to always be the A ahd Z of ORTHODOX ECCLESIASTICAL ART. Our long experience, our excellent skilled workmen, insure the production based always to the rules and the demauds of Orthodox Church,the Ecclesiastic tradition and on the technique of Byzantine and Russian art. The use of the best material and the continous supply of our products, insure the excellent quality,the covering of every demand and of course the immediate services.


With the present prospectus, we inform our honourable customers, as well as each other interested, for the total of our products so, that they are able to provide and decorate the Orthodox Holy Churches.

All our products are manufactured according to the rules oh ecclesiastical tradition and the requirements of our Orthodox Church, always based to the style and the basic principle of the Byzantine and Russian art.

The utilization of better raw material, from qualified and experienced technical staff, ensure the best quality of our products and cover each requirement of all interests in the equipment and the decoration of Orthodox Holy Churches.

The continuous renewal of all ecclesiastical utensils, furnitures and other objects are always connected with tour own requirements and indications. We are always willing to serve you for each need and requirement for the embellishment and the better functionalism of each Holy Church.

Φωτογραφία από την πρώτη έκθεση του εργοστασίου Μανίκας το έτος 1960
Φωτογραφία από έκθεση του εργοστασίου Μανίκας το έτος 1980
Φωτογραφία από έκθεση του εργοστασίου Μανίκας στη Νέα Υόρκη το έτος 1990
Πρώτη κατασκευή πολυκάνδηλου από το εργοστάσιο Μανίκας το έτος 1963
Εργαστήριο εταιρείας Μανίκας το έτος 1992